Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Natural Olympia Recap Day 1

The first day of Olympia felt pretty long. We picked up Mark Torvinen and struggled to get his wheelchair into my Camry. Having Mark as a teammate has helped me realize how we don't design cars to accommodate the needs of the disabled and how difficult it is for someone with special needs to travel.

I brought all my food with me to Vegas because I was coming off my carb depletion and filling back in by snacking on yams all day. I also had cooked steak with me in the car and ate that throughout the day. All this food was prepared without salt to avoid water retention. For the rest of the night Jon Tsui and I ate ground turkey and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It worked out pretty well because it was a good balance of fat and carbs. It filled in my muscle bellies pretty well and I stopped looking flat after so many days of cardio and carb depletion. I'm thankful that Jon thought ahead and we prepared everything off a George Foreman grill in the hotel room haha.

The night of registration was pretty fun because I got to see a lot of old friends. What is great about natural bodybuilding is that it is a small community and I have known some of these guys for years now. It was especially good to see my friend Vincent who competes in Masters physique. We have been prayer partners through these last few weeks getting ready for the show and it was good to be able to see the other person in the flesh and to encourage one another to honor God in the show.

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